Is this a male? Is it?

I believe I have a male slip into my grow; this has never happened before. This is Skunk # 1; 64 days old. I removed it. Is it too late or has it ruined my crop probably?

That’s a MAN BABY!

(Insert Austin Powers meme here)

DAMN IT! What is your recommendation? Can I get seeds off of it or what do I do with it?

Yeppers…it’s a boy. Good news is it’s not yet a threat. Takes about a week for the pollen pods to mature and burst, spewing millions of contaminating spores.
KILL…KILL…KILL. Can’t get rid of it soon enough. :cowboy_hat_face:


next time, it’s worth the extra $ to buy Fem’d seeds. no lost time and effort. better chance of big fat plants.

Me, personally? I’d snip it and trash it.

If you have a female in flower and a place to COMPLETELY quarantine the two plants
you could breed some seeds but I’m not on that level yet. All 6 male plants I’ve had went straight into the trashcan to save the soil. I wasn’t wasting nutes and good soil on a strange
bloke that showed me his doo-dads.

The male plants I’ve had came from street schwag. Only Fems so far from ILGM seeds.


Thanks. I’m throwing it out into the snow right now. GOT. I’ll let the White Walkers take him.

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You need to whisper “Winter is coming” as you take him on the long march.

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females show at the main stalk and stem junction. small tear dropped shaped pod with two fine white hairs. very easy to spot. round pods are male.

Hi I just checked on my others I took more pictures. Are these females getting ready to start 3rd week flowering

Try growing a ‘regular’ seed next to a feminized and you’ll quickly want to run regulars. More vigorous, disease-resistant, higher producer etc. and less twitchy than feminized plants in general.

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Totally agreed.

I had a street seed, which is where I got this man baby from. It’s snipped and trashed; soil is recycled.

This looks like a man to me too, but more experienced growers will tell you better.

Funny thing is, every street schwag seed I’ve tried to grow turns out to be a male.

So far I’m 6 for 9 with street seed being male.
Ill know in a few weeks if I’m 9 for 9 because I’ve got 3 seedlings between 1 to 3 inches tall so far. I’m hoping to get at least one female from the bunch. Luckily enough I got about 20-24 seeds from the batch. About 8 seeds remaining, 6-8 never sprouted, the rest grew balls.

If I’m able to yoink just one female from the lot I’ll consider myself lucky. Fingers crossed for these three in the seedling pots.

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Yeah that’s not very good odds, I have used both seeds over the years. My time is valuable not including the energy and materials . I’ll pay a little more an get the feminized seeds.

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I use regular seeds only if I get them from the street. I will get about the same odds as you are getting. Males suck

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