Male Plant toss?

Hey ILGM family.I’m super new to growing but I’m pretty sure these are seeds growing.At first I thought these were buds bc I was told I had all feminized seeds.Will this have a bad effect on my females in the same tent?Should I just toss it or keep it?Any help is appreciated.Thx

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That’s a full on male and if it’s in with your others I’d remove as soon as possible.
Those aren’t seeds. They’re male flowers that’ll open and pollinate all your females which will then give you seeds.

If you can bag it before removing , it will help control any pollen escaping into your area.



Thank You!Out it goes ASAP!

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Dude is a lady. Any of those male sacs open and you hahlve pollen everywhere. :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Be careful removing it if there are females around. I would spray down gently with water, put a plastic bag over him and remove him… don’t just toss him into the yard… make sure he’s sealed up and in the trash


You look wide open already …

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Wide open?The Pollen?

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Yes … do you see open sacs… 1 open is to many

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