Is this a light burn?!

This is my Caramelicious plant, shes 8 days old. Please tell me what this looks like. Yesterday i went from blue spectrum to full spectrum, its a 600 watt light. The leaf to the left is showing signs.

Looks more like a ph issue. Not light burn.
How high is your light?
What is your ph?
Please fill out a support ticket .

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Doesn’t really look like light burn to me but the picture become blurry when I zoom in so it’s tough to say.
How far is your light away from the top of the plant?

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I checked the PH, it is at 6.5 in the soil. I woke up this morning and the leafs got worst, I turned off the full spectrum and I am only using the blue spectrum, so thats only 300 watts. Hope she recovers, check this pic out. This is my other caramel that is 2 days older, and looks healthy. All grown in the same tent. Just looking at it, it doesnt seem to be light burn or nute burn. It just looks like a retarded plant. Leafs are not proportional at all.

light is 2 feet above the plants, I have been fighting high temps lately. It gets around 32C and I bring it back to 29C with a portable aircon. Do u think its the temp tht could be doing this?


To me yes and the light your using is for flower not seedlings. Get your self a T5 I don’t know how many plants you have but if i were you i’d change to the T5 quick

Will joint


What is a T5?! I am growing 6 plants in a 4x4 grow tent, I thought by using the full spectrum my plants would grow bigger and better… I am very new to all this. I have 5 other plants that are very healthy though, it is just this one plant. How is it this plant is growing like a retard, if it is in the same conditions as 5 other plants that are just fine?

@MarijuanaEngineer I agree with @garrigan62 this guy is a expert for a reason.

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I still think hi temps are your problem what kind of ventilation do you have?

I have a inline fan for outtake and i leave part of the top of my tent open so heat expels faster. On blue spectrum i can maintain 29C, but on full spectrum it gets up to 32C. Within two days I have a strong aircon ill be connecting to my tent to fix my heat problem once and for all. I have a feeling it was because I was using the full spec of my light, I have a auto growing in there with my reg plants. Thats why I wanted to use the full light.


And I agree with you. 600 watt put’s out a tremendous amount heat which i sould have add but didn’t see any reason to cause you already did


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@garrigan62 would @MarijuanaEngineer have better luck useing his exhaust fan as a intake until he gets both.


Absolutely he would

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@garrigan62 after reading this thread again, I must apologize if I came across like I was undermining you in any way. I was only agreing with you on the heat issue and I’m sorry if I jumped ahead of you or cut you off so to speak.


No, you are just fine, and that never entered my mind not for one second
you gave the correct answer and i agreed with you.
No worries my friend it’s all good.

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