Is this a fungus gnat?

Hi everyone, I saw a few gnat things flying around my ladies the past few days. I sprayed neem oil 2 days ago and I set sticky traps yesterday. So far I’ve only seen this guy that stuck to one of the traps. Is this a fungus gnat?

I don’t think it is.

Looks like one. Look under your leaves for like white eggs like very small rice. And focus loosely on the soil the dirt moves. Thats them. Get DE Diemetrimious Earth put it on the soil kills the crawling ones dont breath in when putting on. I also use apple cider vineagr and 2-3 tablespoons mixed in a dish it gets the flyers.

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Mosquito bits. Either scratch into the soil surface. As you water the active substance kills off the larvae. Otherwise soak a capful in water overnight and feed the plants.

@MeEasy turned me on to this method.

I hate fungus gnats! I am battling spider mights right now. Grrrrrr


Bugs in general suck. I don’t do. BUgs lol.