Is there a multiple ph adjuster on the market?

I’m looking for a ph tester and ideally am adjuster for multiple buckets. I’m hoping there’s one that has 5 probes or something or do you only find singular ones that adjust one bucket?

thought your system was RDWC if so should only need 1 probe Blue Lab is top shelf where hydro testers are concerned


I suppose it is, still wouldn’t mind getting one for 4 25gallon pots on the next grow

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I got one for my system cause the ph kept drifting up. RDWC leaves a lot of the salts deposited on the medium and surfaces. Fluctuations in the current and water levels flush them in an out of the system. Overtime the ph begins to drift. The blue labs unit is expensive but worth it. I look at it everyday but don’t need to. You can set the pump do dose up or down depending on your needs. Set the ph and adjust the on off time. One the units can even be linked to your WiFi for updates.


I’m going to have to get one when I’ve got the whole R of RDWC sorted, no doubt. Really need to make a list of names of links so I can follow grows! Always forget to follow along, then usually like 50 pictures when a grow ends lol

Does it control water temp by any chance?

No if your temp is too high you will have to invest in a chiller. It does come with a thermometer to monitor the temp.

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Very nice set up @Astrocreep

I had something unexpected happen again. Once the plants started to flower the ph began drop instead of rise. I had to charge my bluelab doser from down to up. Hopefully this is due to the nutrient changes. Got it back to 5.8 now.

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That seems mad that it can only adjust it one or the other… how much was it?