Ph level fluctuation?

Hey people i have a question about ph… I’m doing a dwc. Did 2nd water change i mix nutes gen.hydroponics flora grow in with hydro guard couple hours before hand.have pump and airstone running adjust ph to 6.0 that was Saturday kipped yesterday his morning ph up to 7.0…?? Is this fluctuation normal???

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Temps can cause pH fluctuations and pH adjusters only last so long. I think you need to check and adjust more frequently to 5.8 pH.

What are your water temps?


70 72 average?

Guess I’ll have to check more often

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That’s the end of my dwc knowledge! There are lots here using dwc. If no one chimes in I will tag some folks.

That’s one of the downsides of water growing. How many gallon res are you running? Are your plants sharing the same res?

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One white widow in 5 gal

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@Screwauger can you bale me out here? Haha

Have a second growing.a northern lights in Michigan marijuana mix super soil.

No kidding. Where did you find their soil around here?

Green harvest hydroponics Plaistow nh rt 125 nice place friendly staff

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Thats a little out of my area. About 30 miles.

Keep me posted on how your grow does in that soil. I am in FF happy frog with good results!

@Gman753, there is a product that is supposed to stabilize ph over time that someone here referenced. The name escapes me but failing that you will have to monitor daily.

We’ve had a number of members get bit by cheap out of cal ph meters so do check calibration frequently.

My experience with GH Grow is if the ph of the parent water is neutral or close to it, the nutes drop it right in to 5.8. As I’m doing coco and don’t hold onto it I don’t know how long it remains buffered.

They’ve another store in Peabody

Thanks @bob31

I’m no expert but I did have problems
Keeping PH stable in my res with an air pump running. If you need the air pump the you will have to adjust ph more often as it def makes it rise.

@Screwauger/@bob31 thanks for info will check twice daily.

You need to see @Donaldj , or @ktreez420 they are the hydro genius s good luck :four_leaf_clover:

my experience is limited, I’m on my second DWC grow…it’s very normal to have the pH rise after a change of the reservoir and fresh nutrients are added as the plant eats…you may find the pH fluctuation less severe when you start feeding the plant higher ppm’s as she grows bigger…it should stabilize in a few days with your adjustments after the res change.

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