Is she missing out?

Photo Skunk fem 2x2 TS1000 coco/perlite
Hi Brains trust. This is my second indoor photo skunk grow. My first grow went really well, thanks to your advice, yielded 8oz plus change.
However there were a couple of times my EC went north of over twice what i was feeding at the time duri g flower(2.2). So i flushed as i was nervous this was wrong.
ATM i am in veg and watering twice daily to run off. In the morning its straight water 5.8 with calmag and a root grow supplement. (0.4 EC) In the afternoon the same but with my nutes as per schedule at 1.2 EC.
My runoff at both times is around .5 EC, 6.3PH. All within spec
The question is am i feeding enough nutes and is this regime of watering ok?
She looks good and i am happy. Just curious to see if i can do better.

A couple of pics of progress


Nice!! Love the training.


Looks happy to me, training is on point! Great job


looking great, going to have some sweet bud stacks when you flip. how many times topped?


Good looking manifold! I have the same setup as you do and am about to do the same with a super silver haze. If you have a grow journal on here I would love a tag.


Lookin good from over here

Looking good nice job have a nice one when your done

@BudzMS 3 times to give 8 mains

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Don’t fix it if it’s not broken


Nice work your training is excellent


2 questions.
If i am feeding at 1.2EC at night, then 12 hr later a ph’ed water with Calmag 0.4 EC, would i be diluting my feeding from 12hr previous? My runoff measures 0.6EC both times i water.

Also if my runoff measures ph6.3 consistently should i lower my watering ph from 5.8 to try and achieve a 5.8 ph runoff?