Is she ready or not?

Hey guys i have a few questions about my grow here. As you can see she pretty close to Harvest.

She’s on (2nd feed of) 24ml of Bloom A & B, 8ml Cal/Mg, 4ml Bulk

Only has 1week of 22ml Bloom A& B, 8ml Cal/Mg, 4ml Bulk to go.

Then flush and HARVEST

QUESTION: By the looks of her should i go strait to 22ml for feeding (3x per week & half) then flush and Harv?

OR…Continue with the above feeding?

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Its still growing fat.
You have a few weeks left.


Agree… several weeks left before you even think about flushing… definitely continue your normal routine for now.

How long has it been in flower from day of flip? Pistols are barely in production, so ripening stage is lurking… I’d be curious on trichome colors. What strain? When the pistols do stop producing ;You could hasten the finish with shock treatment-- Cold temps/flushing/ice water/darkness…

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At least 4wks. Pistols are definitely in production and at least 80% are amber in color. Not usre of strain. Was thinking you guys could help on that in terms of naming the strain. I’ll have pics up if the tricomes after these pics. Idk if they (pistols) will stop producing. Looks like she might just end up fox-tailing.