Is NL easy to grow and small plant that produces a decent amount of bud

Does NL produce good bud, medium yield and grow to be a small plant.

Great bud, heavy yield, stony smoke …you can keep it as small as you want, you can train it like a bush!

…it’s a great plant, easy to grow, so many other indicas are bred from Northern Lights …you can’t go wrong


I was thinking of just growing it to be a few ounces. I just don’t know how easy it it. I don’t know what soils or anything that is best for that plant.

All of that is relative. A lot more to growing is choices you make for how you want your plant to be as apposed to what your soil is. I am not saying to use Miracle Grow or anything. As of now since I just really switched over to soil I am using Happy Frog. I do eventually want to make my own soil. Not from scratch, just use Promix and add what I want in order to get the results I want.

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How do you grow? Indoor or outdoor. How tall does your plants grow? How much yield? Is the Happy Frog soil the best? What lights do you use if you grow inside?

@Bl00dbrothers I grow indoors in soil Happy Frog right now. My plants this cycle are gonna end up being around 5ft. I have 2 at the moment. They have been topped twice and with the extra time I gave them in veg I am looking at 4-5 oz in the end(dry weight). Happy Frog is a decent soil mix. I wouldn’t say its the best as people’s opinions differ and there are so many soils out there to choose from. I went with Happy Frog due to its low starting PPM. With the nutrients I use and the amount in the line, having a starting PPM of between 300-500 is ideal for me. Its all a matter of how you want to grow. Right now I have a T5 8 bulb grow setup for seedlings and mothering. I use a 400W MH for my vegging and a 600W HPS for flower but have ordered 2 Mars Hydro 700W LEDs which will be what i’ll be using soon. The setup I have now prior to the LEDs has served me well to this point. Just want to try something different. Especially given the heat reduction of LEDs

I just want something that grows small like a few feet in a grow tent and produce a decent amount of bud and is easy.

Have you read Roberts Grow Bible? Because most of your questions can be found there.

A lot of reading but well worth the effort!

Hope that helps…