Is my auto flower ready to flush?

I have been growing this auto forever . I planted it back in the 2nd week of January . She’s looking good now most the pistols are brown but I don’t think the trichomes are milky they seem clear still. Should I wait ? Or begin flushing today? Appreciate the input!

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Still a lot of white hairs. Have any pics of trichomes. If not do you have a jewlers loop you can see trichomes with. What coloer are they. Are they at least cloudy.

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This is It under a magnifying glass, they seem a little milky to me but I don’t have much reference. Should I flush ?

No give it a week then flush. You are doing a 7 day flush right. Just plain water for 7 days.
Just my opinion.

I was gonna do a sledgehammer flush and then just plain water for two weeks. Is one week enough time to flush everything out?

I would pick one or the other. Both are unnecessary.

I personally wouldn’t do the Sledgehammer. But thats up to you. You definitely can do a 2 week flush. And start now. I wait till I think I have a week left and then straight water. I misjudge a lot and end up going a couple days shorter or a couple days longer. Either way I get pretty white ash.

Don’t do the sledgehammer flush. Let her eat up everything left in the soil.

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Ok awesome , thanks. That’s what I’m gonna do!

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Heres a good little pic for reference

Thanks, that’s really helpful.

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Should I just give water or continue giving nutrients until the pistols get cloudier?

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Id say your fine to cut nutrients off and just give water