Harvest now or wait a week?

79 day old auto flower. Trichomes are milky with a few amber ones. I’m not sure if I should flush it for a week and then harvest or harvest now, it has only been fed nutes like 3 times the entire grow so not sure if it needs flushing. One more week will make it more difficult to harvest due to certain circumstances. Thanks for any help that is offered.


I say one week more won’t hurt anything. I say to chop anytime.


Nice plant my friend. What strain is she? I ask because most sativas are grown to pull early to get that energetic high. Early as in like 30% amber and 70% cloudy. While indicas are made to mature a little more with the trikes turning more amber. Hybrids are a little more tricky unless there is a pretty substantial percentage difference between indica/Sativa. Hope this helps and happy growing my friend!

best to let it go the extra…if possible. Ladies will put on extra bulk and deeper flavor.
you say not possible, so flush and harvest.

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Thanks for the input. She is a Californian Snow auto, mostly sativa. I will try and go another week, but if not it is what it is. This is my first time growing and have learned a lot. I’m curious to see how it turns out.


Way to go @TomJones78. Great feeling to know you grew your own meds! I just cut my first grow this morning. Drying as we speak. I could have gone another week as well, but… :crazy_face:

Continued success.

Thanks. Congratulations on your grow! Hope you get some great smoke!

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Wait. Not ready for sure

I will try and hold off as long as possible. What do you see that says it’s not ready? Just curious.

The first and last pictures show pistils that are still immature.
The best is to get a USB microscope and share tricomb pictures with us.
Most plants put on the most bulk in the last two weeks. If your in soil, which it looks like you are, and have only fed nutrients so few you won’t need to flush. Just give it water for the next week.

Never rush a grow, a dry or a cure, it all sacrifices the quality but it’s hard on your first plant lol.

Ok. The weather is supposed to cold and rainy next week which makes me nervous.

Just watch it, a little water won’t hurt.
If your concerned set up a little rain shelter even if it’s just a piece of clear plastic in some wooden dowels.

Check the temperature forecast for over night before you go to bed. If it’s going to get to freezing or near freezing then chop.

Inspect it every day, give it a shake at the stem to help shake water off.
If you see any bud starting to turn a lighter color then chop it off very carefully, dispose of it and harvest your plant.

Be sure to budwash all outdoor bud.
YouTube it, just water and hydrogen peroxide.

Ok, thanks for the advice. Temps are forecasted around 48-50 degrees at night 65-70 during the day with rain most of the week. I will keep a close eye on it. Thanks again for your help and everyone else on this site, I’ve learned a lot from you guys. Maybe I can help others down the line.

de rain for a week makes me cringe…might have run out of time.
remember…mold is DOOOOOM…DOOOOOOM

Wait! Just a little more

It is yes, but not all plants will get mould fast depends on strain.


Awesome grow.
If you got cloudy trichromes with some amber you will have a fine and dandy smoke.
Can you take some and leave some to mature further

@TomJones78 id like to comment on your comment.
I’ve learned a lot from you guys. Maybe I can help others down the line.
You are helping each time you post as some one responds and someone else gains and learns from that response.
You have helped others by helping yourself.

Thanks, I appreciate that! Looking forward to my next grow!