Is it time to harvest the girl been waiting

![20210613_09_06_38|690x455](upload://x35lTgyT1k8Hu3KMysR7jadKXg4.pnthemI think u am going g to put th in darkness.should I?

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I put mine in darkness for about 3 days before cutting. Some people flush with plain water or do both. Supposed to make the unused nutrients go back to the roots or get flushed out completely for better taste and smoother smoke.

I am grow in living organic soil no need to flush

What type of smoke are you looking for i personally would wait for all cloudy im still seeing a good amount of clear


How do these ww autos look at about 70 days I would love your opinion on this

Here is the best picture I could get with all 4 plants


Looking good @Josh1 . Still some white pistils showing in your close up.


This is the top of one

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@Josh1 Your plants look terrific! They still have some time left. You will probably want to wait until the flowers stop (or almost stop) throwing out green and white pistils. And the trichomes in your pictures also look like they could use more time to develop. Take a look at the pictures in the OP. You’ll also want to see that your plant’s trichomes also have those big round heads (and cloudy or milky as you’d prefer).

Are your plants outside 24/7? My autos that are outside 24/7 are much bigger, but further behind in bud development than the same strains grown in smaller pots and started indoors. I do not recommend going by what the seed seller says regarding days to harvest.

Yes they are outside 24/7 I started them indoors for only a week thanks for the advice good news to hear

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@Timstewart , yours are gettin close. You’ll want to scope the bud, not sugar leaves, and check the trics. Sugar leaves will mature sooner than the bud. As for @Josh1 , you look like you have some time to wait. Lots of green/white pistals.