Is Mephisto genetics really everything it's hyped up to be

No disrespect intended to this site at all. The seeds from here are fantastic the best seed bank out there. But if I were to order from a seed bank and Mephisto genetics was available are they worth all the hype. What makes them so much better than everyone else

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Hype of a product is dependent on you and how much you look into it. If you are googling mephisto your going to get mephisto related info. I’ve never personally seen hype on Mephisto. I don’t use IG anymore though, and I’d imagine that’s where you are seeing it. You know what they say, if you look for something hard enough you are going to find it.

When I think of hype I think compound, thug pug, copy cat, cookies, square one, in house, etc. are they worth it? Depends if you get lucky on phenotypes or how refined the genetics are. Some are very consistent, some are off the wall. It’s all a gamble, most the time from banks we are buying an idea, and hoping it turns out the way it’s intended. That’s why when people find a good one they keep a mom. Because it doesn’t happen often. By “good one” I mean a stand out. Not meaning that the others are bad.

I’ve seen hype over small time breeders online just to be let down. Why was there hype? Because a lot of friends also followed the breeder. They give away free stuff, show pics of your grow if it looks good. I’m sure there is potential for that particular breeder to be good, but I never really invest in pheno hunts, always running different strains.

Most of the time it’s luck of the draw.

You want a guarantee? Buy a verified breeder cut.

I’ve bought $50 packs and $500 packs. Was one better than the other? I wish I could say yes.


I couldn’t of worded what @Low said any better he hit it on the money! I personally have grow Mephisto Genetics and they are worth the money impo Mephisto kinda put Autos on the map with where they are today standard wise they have good Genetics