Is it too late to scrogg?

This is the beginning of 2nd week of flower , is it too late to start a scrogging ??? Should I just leave her alone ??



I would pass on the scrog at this point. At least from a training standpoint. Are the two other plants staying in the tent?


Yes all three are in the same tent

Scrog makes access, watering and plant maintenance more difficult. Are you going to put risers and saucers under the plants? How do you deal with runoff?


@beardless This may sound weird but I haven’t had any run off at all which was the reason why I removed the saucers to make more room

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Looking good and like @beardless may be to late and will be hard 2 get access to the other girls. What kind of nutrition are using? Try feeding to get 10% runoff at least so you can avoid salt build up

1st week of flower I used organic plant food called incredible bulk and also great white .

Is that how you are instructed to apply? With some organics, probably more in the line of dry top dressing types, or with certain soils, watering to runoff is discouraged.
At some point you will have roots coming out the bottom of the pots. Risers air prune the roots to prevent this.

I had a plant i had in lst get way too wide. I put a net. Wife helped thread everything. Worst mistake ever. It never liked it. Plus it ate 4x4 of a 4x8. Because i had not planned and set up for the net i had issues. Access sucked. Tightened up my other girls. I pulled her earlier than normal to recover my space. I am trieng my first SOG now. I have always been 3-4 big plants. That girl looks strong. Is she auto? I personally would go in…decide the best branches…remove the little worthless ones and open her up a little. Straight and true from there. This is what she will look like only smaller. Just my opinion. It looks prime for that.


Yeah she’s an auto this is my first grow so I’m not that knowledgeable lol and I wanna start chopping some leaves off to give her some more air flow I just don’t want to cut off too many and then stress her out

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This is my first grow I have zero knowledge of what I’m doing lol. But basically I need something to elevate the grow bags right ?

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Auto so less is more now in MY opinion. Could be wrong. I only grow auto as fillins in veg tent and I letem grow pretty natural. They just do not have the time to recover from booboos. If prune to open airflow…I would not get crazy on canopy leaves. They feed. I have not pruned the girl in pic since 2 weeks into flower when i saw her shape. The buds filled her in. The canopy was left intact. I just spread her legs a little bit for penetration…uhh just thought about that but gonna leave it. Wife wont see it.

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You can scrog anytime, however scrogging takes time and with an auto you never know when it will flip.

You need
run off to keep salts flushed out.
pot risers in the saucers.
A way to remove run of, such as a shop vac.

Here’s how I do mine. If you are interested. I don’t use mine as a traditional scrog. Mine is mainly to spread them out before I flip.



@Low I love that. Ill give it another try prepared after sog. Lots of access there. Very very neat and tidy.

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Yes any thing that will let air underneath and allow water to move away. This is commonly used 13.5" at HydroPros (amazon is 3x$)

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Thanks !!

At this point it probably not worth the effort to try to scrog. At this point tossing a trellis over the top and working it down a but may be wise. Once the flowers start to mature they will need some sort of support.
I would also suggest removing a few of the large fan leafs. Allow a few of the hiddin bud sites to open up. You will get alittle more product come harvest day :wink:
Happy growing…

Use some of the metal binder clips and string and pull branches to the sides and tie off to the pot just spread it open some to expose more of the middle bud sites. If huge leaves covering and u cannot tuck them take it off. Keep as many bud sites open to light as possible