Is it time yet? WWA 2nd grow

Hello, I was wondering if it was time to harvest this baby but it seems as i was trying to get some pics of the inside, I split the stalk in half so I have no choice but to harvest. Luckily I started flushing it about 6 days ago.

Just for later reference and my own piece of mind, as I have fussed over this one little plant everyday. Is it ready?

Lots of white pistils. You have several weeks to go yet. Wait for the pistils to brown and recede, then begin looking at the trichomes for cloudy/amber to your taste.


Thanks for the comparison chart, its better than the one i was referring to!

Agree, long time yet.

Well she’s pushing 15 weeks and like I said when I was spreading the 2 branches for another pic it split right down the middle.
Now I did quickly tie it back together but I’m pretty sure I damaged it much beyond any repair so I wanted some more input on how someone in my situation would handle it.

How long in flower :blossom: that’s the question :thinking: but just lookin at her imho lots of time to go