Is it time to harvest the GDP?


@Myfriendis410, @dbrn32,

This is our first grow and we think it might be harvest time. Below are some pics for you all to judge. This plant is a photoperiod Grand Daddy Purp, growing in a RDWC under an HLG600Rspec light in a 4x4 tent. This particular plant came from a clone that was put into flower to determine the sex of the plant and we then decided to go ahead and let her mature rather than sacrificing as originally intended. The one picture shows the plant in question in the tent with her companions; an auto flowering Northern Lights and an auto flowering American Pie. The other two pics are macros of the GDP. Thanks for any and all feedback!

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Let’s see one individual cola in white light.

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What kind of “high” u looking for? If u looking for couch lock I’d wait little longer. But I am still pretty new to growing only on my second grow.

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I’d say a week to ten days: enough time to give plant water-only until harvest. Flower production may be a bit low due to high N levels FYI.

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I say not quite… a bit more of a head high with lighter tris and a bit heavier with the body when cloudy and a few r turning amber.

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@latewood , forgot to tag you for your feedback.

Since you asked; I got out my 6x glasses, and got close to the 42" monitor…lol

I see no amber trichomes, which means you wait. when you start to see amber trichomes then you monitor how fast the % of trich’s are turning amber.

The question is: What kind of finish are you looking for? Bodacious high?..Or; Sleepytime? Hope this helps.

Hey myfriendis410.

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Just to clear this up because it’s very misleading in terms of what kind of high you expect because of trichome color.

THC is at its peak potential whenever it is cloudy. Amber trichomes are degraded THC.

So if I was looking for a downer, or a heavy body high…then I would find strains that cater to that. Like Gorilla Glue, or a Kush dominate plant. I wouldnt say I wanted a couch lock high and then grow a haze strain amd let it turn amber. I would look for the right plant and harvest it whenever THC is at its peak(cloudy).