Is it time to add CalMag?

Should I add CalMag now? She’s almost 3” tall, just short like her mama. I use a 16.9oz bottles of purified water or water from a one gallon distilled jug poured into a spray bottle. If I add CalMag to a gallon, how long will it last in the cabinet? How much CalMag water do I give my Gary gal? Does anyone have a little secret for making a 16oz batch?

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What type of light first and how close is the light. It appears to be a cal mag issue but also resembles light. BUrn in a way also. A few details will go along way. Type of soil lights nutes oh and ppm of anything going in the soil. That’s the main start

Calcium and Magnesium are minerals and should stay stable in water. The particles will settle out, so always shake it up before feeding.

What is the medium. It almost looks like sand. Have you been feeding it? What?

I’m using FFHF soil, but I started in a peat pellet that retracted mid-grow and I waterlogged them when they were wee. I nipped her first bottom nodes because they were spotty, but the 2nd developed spots too.

On 2.21 I transplanted from Jiffy 4” to 2.5 gallon, with 2-3” quarter-sized drainage rocks on the bottom, FFHF in the body, and only a thin layer of sand on top to prevent gnats. I have a Mars TSL 2000 set just under 50 and they seem to like that.

Both of my Gary gals are staying skinny af, but the bigger one (pic you’ve seen) is growing lots of nodes. She’s grown about .5” since transplant. Both are so slim and petite like their mama

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I am glad my eyes were not deceiving me.
I stopped using peat pots and pellets a while ago. It seemed I always had trouble managing moisture when they were sprouts & young seedlings. I suspect getting them into HF will help. HF should have adequate nutrients to carry them a little longer. The new growth looks good and healthy. More than likely the older leaves are just showing their rough start. I may be wrong but it is not typical to have Ca or Mg deficiency at this age.
However, they may be ready for a light dose of good nutrients.
These are two ppm growth stage charts I refer to.

What nutrients are you using?

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I’m not using anything yet. They’re barely 6 weeks. When I give cal mag, I only do 8oz to a 2.5 pot from a one gallon distilled water mixed as directed on CalMagPlus bottle.

I have GH Flora, but idk if I will use it on my first grow. I keep talking about LST bending, but they’re so spindly I may just do a 2x2” SCROG net and a 4x4” on top of that later on. They’re in a 2.5 gal pot each of pure HF. Idk if I should replant to a bigger pot or just go straight to scrogging.

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@beardless many thanks for this, very useful! Just to confirm, are these ppm concentration referring to the inbound water, or to the runoff water?

I suppose the former but just checking. Cheers

Yes. The inbound i.e. feed mix is what is measured.

Great thanks mate