Is it rong to pull leaves off in flower

Is it rong fr me to take the big leaves off in flower

Not advisable; Unless…The Leaves are more than 65% or more dead or damaged. Fan leaves will die off naturally, as the plant matures. Fan leaves play a vital roll in the uptake of nutrients, and transpiration, etc…

Ty for responding.

In flowering you should only take the big fan leaves if they are “yellow or dead”. Now with that being said, If your fan leaves are blocking bud sites from light you can remove them! But only take a “few at a time” so you don’t shock your plants, and your buds will get bigger with more light. :slight_smile:

I propose you do not remove your fan leaves. Instead; Gently bend them out of the way. This will allow light to the “buds”, and allow the fan leaves to do their job.