Is it ready to flush

I have 1 plant not sure what kind it is but it looks to be a killer indica plant Of some kind. This is the first time i have grown this breed and it looks like it is maturing faster then the others. I cut the lights back on nov 15 and this is where i am with this plant and i think its getting close to time to flush it. What do you all think?

Is this an auto or photo? Picture of whole plant? Iā€™d give her another week. Five weeks of flowering is kind of short. Wait what others think. Just my 2 cents.

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Its a photo. I couldnt really get a good pic of whole plant due to others around it they all just kind of blend together. Its definitely earlier maturing then my other strains but i dont plan on starting their flush for another 2 weeks or so

I would wait longer also, hard to see pics but looks to be alot of clear left and just a few amber. 5 weeks is VERY short for flower time.

I flipped around 11/15 too. I am expecting to harvest in mid to late January at the earliest. I think you have a ways to go. A full picture of the plant will confirm.

The amber is what had me questioning it. My other 2 strains only have clear trichs

The trichomes on the leaves will turn amber sooner than the buds. Are the trichome son the buds ambering up?