Is it possible to tell a strain by looks?

I guess my question is just that …
I know the seeds I had …lol but being a noob of course things got mixed up …

This is not my plant

However this one is

What I’m looking at here are the fan leaves
Can the size and shape be used between t he two to say .:” ok that’s what that plant is “

So I had cookies and cream seeds but also had strawberry fields and Mob Boss …

Thanks for any help or advice

You can sometimes differentiate an indica from a sativa, but it is nearly impossible to determine what strain a plant is by its appearance.


That’s what I figured …

Sometimes you don’t realize how something simple can turn into this …
What’s frustrating is without knowing the strain for sure …I have nothing to go off of for flowering time …

Going to hawk the trichomes for sure so I know it will be alright …

Thanks for the reply

Time is fairly irrelevant for flowering and times can vary by environmental conditions more than strain. 8 to 10 week times are typical for all indicas and hybrids, though sativas can take a week or 2 longer. Always use trichomes to harvest to your taste.


Starting to realize that no matter what .
Growing these plants isn’t just cut and dry …lol no pun intended

I’m actually kind of enjoying the hands on learning experience and learned so many things I didn’t know about nature before …
Also learned a ton about my own property and insects that live here too…

Thanks for the help
One thing is for sure I’ll be more careful not to mix up the containers next season

I made another noob mistake but it turned out to be beneficial…the two female plants I have are about 3 weeks apart in age …the older one 90’s dutch…is a setiva dominant strain and been in flower for 3 weeks or so …this one in question just started …so it will make my first time harvesting a lot easier with a break in between …
That is of course if the plants trichomes dictate that hahaha


If you can check the terpene profiles, just from smells alone you may be able to tell them apart that way. I’ve had pretty good success by smell, even higher if you got clones confused, and you’ve grown the parent out.
If these are random plants, then there’s not much hope. As Midewest stated, indica or dominant or sativa based on appearances.


@Covertgrower im a little to green for clones yet …however I was tempted when I did rid some of the lower branches …lol

I felt like …man I’m throwing out another potential how many OZ ?

The thing is I’m halfway positive it’s cookies and cream …based on the pot I transplanted it out of …so I don’t know how to interpret “random plants”
They did come from specific strains from dispensary weed …could I just assume that they were bag seed? Lol

Also this wasn’t like I opened a bud and 11 seeds poured out…seeds seem really quite rare at the dispos near me …in a year and a half of going …I couldn’t even begin to guess how many Z’s of cookies and cream I bought and found 2 seeds …same with the 90’s dutch that I’m growing and neither have shown a male part yet.

I have read that these were probably the result of hermaphrodite plants …I just feel that if the plants hermied out there would be more than one seed …but I know nothing …

I did accidentally plant 2 seeds the 90’s dutch which I really think is just white widow .

Both female which I think must be 1 in a million for someone like me that has never grown before …

That one or 2 lol is about three weeks older than the other and has been flowering for about 3 weeks now …the other just starting to shoot more pistols …

So to this point been lucky with bag seed /dispo seed …to have females.

Next season I’m going to buy seeds and not screw up and lose track of what was what

I’ve also come up with another question and have asked other and was told they are swollen calyx …

So my question is …at the end of flower will they all be as big near the bud sites?

It seems they are super huge at the nodes …

Sorry if there doesn’t seem to be a question in there …since I’m a first time grower I’m simply amazed at watching the plant grow and just trying to give it what it needs.

My wife thinks I’m nuts and said you didn’t watch one of our kids this way Lolol

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