Iron in well water

I just started growing (outdoors) a couple weeks ago. My plants are a few inches tall now and we had some rain recently. But this morning I watered with well water from the spigot (I don’t use the treated tap water). But our well water does have a high iron content. So I was curious if iron is bad for the plants?
If so, I’ll buy jugs of spring water to supplement with rain water.
Thanks in advance for your input.

Plants do require iron but as with anything, not massive levels. If you feel your iron content is too high, you could always dilute it with your rain water.


Bobbys got you covered there. I’ll just add that I use raw untreated well water. It’s very hard which is good - lots of cal/mag already in there - and high iron content and I don’t have any issues with too much or too little iron


@Deez So you’re fortunate enough to use straight well water? That’d be great.
I’m on well water & haven’t tested it yet. Hopefully it’ll be useable straight. That would save lots of hassle.

Fortunate is definitely the way I think of it. When I first moved to this house I started using the tapwater and because of the water softener I was getting salt buildup in my soil. I had a tap installed before my filtration and softener system which I had them put an outlet both inside for my grow room and outside for my veggie garden and outdoor plants. Works great but if my water didn’t test out as good as it did I would not have bothered and just gone with R/O.

I’m an old organic dirt grower with it permanently stuck under my nails… I am of the mindset that real unadulterated water when you can get it good from the source is better than processed water that gets pH’d and cal/Mag’d and all that. Same way that I feel like mimicking nature as much as possible with real living soil produces the best quality bud. Everyone’s got their way.

I think of how a hydroponic tomato tastes vs a tomato that comes out of my organic soil garden. And I apply that comparison to weed.

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And your PH is fine too, amazing. I haven’t started indoor yet but the outdoor veggies don’t seem to mind my well water. Fingers crossed it’ll be ok for indoors. RO sounds like a pain to deal with.
Once the time comes I’ll test my water just to see. Heck even if a guy just had to adjust PH a little, still would be great vs other means to get usable water.

I agree. Having to go to great lengths or expense for your water source really sucks the big one.

My pH is on the alkaline side but I’m growing organic in soil so it’s not hurting anything

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Good for your soil and plant

Thanks for the info, everyone. It sounds like they’ll be okay. But I may dilute with spring water and/or rain water just to be safe.
We have a deep well, so I’m sure the water is chock full of other minerals, which should help.

Got and setup an RO Buddie. They’re only about $50 via Amazon. I set it up with a dedicated spigot indoors right next to a utility sink so it’s super convenient.

It does take a bit of time to process but is also very consist so I can set a timer and walk away. Right about 12 mins for a gallon. Time and a fair amount of waste water are the downsides.

Having usable well or tap water would certainly be ideal, but RO at home is much easier and more affordable than I had realized.


I find like 0 issues using ro water where as if i use tap water it always seems to make the leaves look on the wonky side. Color difference and all. Ro water is def a safer way but a bit more costly which i hate i do 15 go 20 gallons a day. Down yo 10 to 15 right now as half the plants got chopped

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