How is well water for growing

How is well water for growing, i al located in the Great lakes area of the US. My water comes from a deep well, 200ft. It is hard water. I can water straight from the well, RO, or softened. Would it be better straight from the well ran thru a filter? The main minerals are calcium and iron. Our outdoor garden and lawn do great on this water.

Do you know your PPM and pH of well water?


No but I can brew any type of beer I want with no issues

Well water is excellent for growing. As long as you properly PH, the line and calcium is helpful. The higher PPM the more stable your ph will be. Welcome to recreational! (Same state)

Iā€™m around Columbus Ohio area and I use my well water with no problems

Thanks I lived in Columbus a long time ago. Enjoyed it.

Northern michigan, 150 ft well, ph 8.4, ppm 175 ish, I tried the buying gallons of water, for 1 week, nope, too expensive and too inconvenient, they gonna drink what I have available. And no problems other than the ones I create.