Can anyone tell me what is the best product for insomnia on here? Also it has to be really strong. For example I can take 2 sleeping pills, when I’m only supposed to take one, and I still wont sleep. So if anyone can help me out that would be great.

Your looking for sleep… with a little extra grow time any of the indica dom. strains will do what you want.
Take a little time and read the individual specs on each product. If you really think your tolerence is high, grab yourself some of the Gold leaf seeds, grow it out to the point that all the little shiny crystals that develope turn cloudy and amber, chop it down, dry it, ingest by your method of choice and then when you wake up from that…

Of course this will take some months. Yeah, kind of long for a sleeping aid to take effect, but think of the patients you will develope.

p.s. with a thc content as high as Golden Leaf, you will sleep like a drunken baby

wow, just looking at some product specs… seems this here Robert guy made a strain for you personally.
it said “good for insomnia…” I know, left out your last name Mr. Sux, but you’ll find everyone around
ILGM personal and freindly.

I am looking forward to trying the Gold Leaf myself. If you want to try some Blueberry; You might like that too. Peace

Tag, your it

I tried ak47 knocks me out I suffer from that as well see website owner loads to choose from top supplier

Master Kush knocked me out if nyou need that hit me up I also have 200mg seroquel!!!