Inherited plants and first grow

Newbie here and knowledge is limited so forgive what might be some simple questions or explanations to those questions.

We are in a Mars tent with a mars light at 75% and an Amazon buy of Bloomspect LED light switches to the veg stage spaced about 12” from the plants. Not ideal but gets me going for now. Would love a red light for flowering. Fan blowing air around with a dehumidifier. Current temp is 75f and humidity is set at 52 when tent is opened up and when closed gets to about 80 degrees and relative humidity at 75.


I inherited these plants Thursday 1/19/23. Here’s how I received them:

The plants went into flowering and the previous owner pulled them out of it and what I think is lack of water causing the dieback.

The initial ph was 5.5, 5.8 and 6.1(in order of smallest to tallest. Added ph up and now am at 6.0, 6.4 and 6.8. Top fed them with some Cal-Mag and half the rate of Growtime so not to burn them. Added instrumental jazz music for about 3 hours for fun. Diatomaceous earth added for protection. They used a mix of soil, and they were planted as clones in June of last year. They are Forum Girl Scout Cookies.

Today I’ve bottom fed them with banana water. First time since initial watering on 1/19/23. Also took height measurements and they’ve grown about 1” since I’ve received them. Here is what they look like today:

What I really need to know if I’m on a good path for them and if not, what recommendations you have for me now and for the future. I’d really love to trim them to even them up, but have no idea when or how to shape them since they have been grown this way, in order to produce the most flowers.

Thanks in advance!!


Sounds like those girls have had a rough way to go. June was a long time ago. Idk anything about growtime fertilizer, but as long as they’re getting the NPK and light they need along with some TLC they should be fine. Speaking of light, how many watts you running total? You need a minimum of 30 watts per square foot to produce quality bud. 40-50 watts will get you even better results.

75% RH is high. Do you have an exhaust fan? Running that will help you control RH with the tent zipped. 55-60% would be a lot better at this stage of growth. You’ll want to get sub 50% in flowering.

I grow with salt nutes in coco so I don’t have any specific tips for you. I’m sure someone on here will though. Some awesome growers here. All I can say is make sure you get them healthy before trying to flower them or you’ll just have more issues. Good luck with your grow and welcome to the forum.


Thanks for the words. I might have been off on the RH. It’s been sitting g closed for some time now and is at 78F with 58% RH.

The Bloomspect says 1000W or 10W an LED. I’m guessing those aren’t true numbers. The Mars is a TS1000 and rates out at 150W.

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All the ones that say 1000 are 100 watts. Total 250 watts. That looks like a 2x4 so you’re at 31 watts per square foot. Check that off the list. You’re temp and RH look good.


Thanks for the information!! I’m wondering the color contrast between the two lights and it’s effect on the plants?

Also wondering how/when should we trim to produce the most flower?

Wow you really rescued them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I believe in music for the garden as well. Jazz and spa music with birdsong is great.


Thank you!! I’m applying what I’ve learned here to help, but the trimming at this stage might be too late to train?

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You could tie the branches down to get an even canopy. @Deweys

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Thought is then to pull the two tallest plants down and leave the smallest alone. I originally was going to grow two plants in the space, but with three, that is limited

Looks like you’re doing a bang up job! Plants have really responded to your style. Happy harvest day when it arrives!!!


The Mars light is way better than the other one. Blurples were all the rage at one point but there’s better LED lighting now. You can definitely grow with it, but 150 watts or HLG, Marshydro, spider farmer, etc would get you better results. I run an HLG 350R in my 2x4 and have had awesome results with it. If your budget allows an upgrade would serve you well.

I read through the posts and @GreggT has the right idea. The flatter you can keep your canopy, the more even the distribution of light and the better the results. As long as they’ve been vegging I’d probably just get them all the way healthy, get the canopy flat as you can then flower them. What kind of nutrients will you be using for flowering? What base and any bloom boosters?


I was going with the bloom booster from here(Ilgm). I do have some happy frog as well that came with the tent.

Would it be ok to thin them out a bit then pull them down, or pull them down then thin them a bit?

It also looks like they might be stretching a bit compared to other grows I’ve seen. They are 12” from light source and the mats is at 75%. Should I move the lights closer or tube up intensity?

Nice work. Photo are so salvageable. Well done. Weed is tough.

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Personally since just gottem lined out i would vegem a bit. See where she is going then plan a train. Get her super healthy first. Being a photo you can clip and shape as you wish. You have unlimited veg time. Once again nice work. Many would have tossed in the towel.


There’s a thread on here called ‘start using DLI’. Search that and do a little reading. Then get the photone app. DLI is the best way of measuring how much light your plants are getting every day. Photone measures DLI for you. There are graphs with recommended DLI for every week of growth in that thread. For your situation I’d just start in the last week or two of veg on the graph. There’s no easier way to get your light dialed in.


Good information also available fro Dr. Bruce B.


Thank you for the info. I did search it and learned a lot more than I knew before.

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Love the graph and Dr Bruce. I’m a landscaper for 30 years, so a lot of what he explained pertains to everything I do, but he puts it in terms we can understand. I recently watched a post about CO2 and am diving into that a bit more. Great information. Thanks!!

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My first issue I’ve seen since recovery. My guess is the nighttime humidity(without lights) is the issue at 70%. I do have a dehumidifier, so I’m fixing it by leaving one flap open on the tent. Seems to work during the day. Learning day by day.

Yes I agree with music,mine seem to like classical