Ïndoor Lighting

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’ve a 6×6 room . 6 foot ceiling. . what kind of lighting would be sufficient?”

You will need 35 to 50 watts per square foot depending on the quality of your lights. That is if you want to fill that whole space with plants.

With newer COB’s or Quantum Boards you can go with the 35 per square foot so you would need 1260 watts. True watts out of the wall.

With the other LEDs, the Chinese made lights, you may want to go with the 50 per square feet so you would need 1800 true watts. You can not use the advertised wattage because that is what they use to compare it to HPS lighting. Find the true power draw from the spec sheet

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If you have 1800 watts running in a 6x6 room it’s going to get hot in there. Even LEDs make about half their power in light and the other half as waste heat, Doesn’t matter, even the light is converted by everything illuminated into heat mostly. So think what it would be like with an 1800 watt heater running in there. You need an exhaust fan to get some of that excess heat out of the room.

You might want to direct the fan output into the rest of your house for heating during the winter. During the summer you definitely want that heat to go outside or you will need an ac running 18 hours a day to cool it. If odor is an issue, you need a charcoal filter for the exhaust duct.

6x6 is a huge amount of weed. Maybe you just want to light a 3x3 area to save 3/4 on your electric bill? Is this just for personal use?


You’re going to need 1,000 watts minimum to grow anything that’s halfway decent. I shrank my flower area down because I only have 800 watts. I had the same size area as you do. I could not deal with that much heat in such a small area.