Indoor flowering

This is my first grow inside. I used a 900w led for the majority, bought ts 1000w Mars Hydro about a week into flowering.

I regret to say I mixed up my seeds. I bought these seeds from here, so I figured I’d show my progress.

I think it’s blue cheese. Blue dream was the other option.


Welcome to the community ! nice plants the first couple of pictures are you feeding that Plant looks to be a little hungry. Good luck


Welcome to the community! Many awesome growers here to help. I would clean the tent floor from dead leaves and other residue. They can bring pests. Keep the grow on :grin::v:


A good way to combat potential issues is keeping a clean and sanitized space. While this isn’t always easy in a large space with many plants it is simple to move one plant and sterilize the grow space.



Welcome to the community

Thanks everyone. The plant was hungry in the first pic I was using organic nuts and then gave it one round of bloom booster. Thanks for the advice guys. Hopefully I work out more kinks with the next grow


[quote=“Cain, post:7, topic:52420”]
Hopefully I work out more kinks with the next grow . You will i made a lot of mistakes in my first grow cheap light ( not a burple ) not giving enough nutes or cal-mag got about 6 grams of bud. last grow almost 4 oz.

I cleaned the tent, found one gnat like thing. Great advice. Do you think i should use hard nutrients again or back off during the next water. Also, when should the flush begin?

This is my second grow ever the first one went awful. One plant turned into a Hermaphrodite and seeded everything