Indoor average veg time

Just curious , whats the average veg time for indoor? Using a 4x6x8 tent. Have 6 photos and 1 auto lights set to 18 on 6 off. Some of my girls got pretty big , kind of worried about room. But this is my 3rd grow and ive yet to see plants double in size after flip. But then again most of the time im so amazed i at the process and that i can actually get a harvest that i don’t notice much lol


Most indoor growers avg 7-10wks, give or take depending on space, training methods, number of plants, etc.


I usually try to get 4 weeks before moving to the 12/12 my height restrictions 6ft plays a part on how soon, i have a couple that are close to lights now.

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6-7 weeks for me and this is generally when they’ll show their sexual maturity then I change the light to 12/12 :love_you_gesture:

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Truly it matters in the space you have available and are trying to fill. I’ve seen a few monsters lurking about in these threads, like 1 plant in a tent alone looking like 6 lol. But your question is probably leaning towards how quick can you flip lol.


The length of veg time for most growers is determined by head room and room size.

One of the single most important things a grower must know and if you have no headroom it may be the most important thing is your strains plant stretch. Some plants may not stretch hardly any at all and some triple in size once flipped.

In short the answer is there is no average and room height or lack there of dictates veg time.

I grow em 30 days , lights on 24/7, then I flip to 12/12.