Indoor autos at a stand-still! Help!

I’m new to this page so this is my first post BUT I have autos that I’m growing indoor. They are super tall and have been in the vegetative stage for 8 weeks. No pistils have formed yet. They were on a 24 hour light schedule and I read on another forum that I should try cutting the light schedule back to 12/12. I water them with bat quinoa once a week and other nutes mid-week. The soil is fox farm. I started these in December along with 4 other autos. I’m starting to think there’s ones are regular photoperiods. Any suggestions?!


We’ve seen autos take up to 12 weeks to flower. Some growers will switch them to 12/12 to goose them to flower.


12 weeks in this stage or 12 weeks from germination ? I’m think maybe they are photos instead of autos. I started them mid-December. White widows.

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It’s very likely you got photo seeds instead of autos. I’ve grown hundreds of autos. I’ve had plenty that were slower to hit flower, but not that slow.

Now you have to be ready for a major size explosion when they do flip. I would consider supercropping, or at least bend that tall girl over. Otherwise it’s going to be pretty tough to keep the height in control once the stretch starts!