Improper pH probably caused my prob

I had no way to test pH until my replacement pen came. I was just watering with distilled water and half power nutes in hopes to keep her healthy until I could get the pen. 5 days later she now looks like this…

Today I finally pH’d the distilled water after adding CaMg to fix the issue in the photo. It read 7.8 so I figured dice I’ve been watering with that, it’s caused the problem seen in the photo. I used the pH lowering powder to get it to 6.8 and fed the 1L of water I pH’d. Hopefully, it begins to resolve how that I can test pH again. Any suggestions or think it’s something else?

Side note: when do y’all heavily defoliate in flowering? She’s like ridiculously bushy.

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It looks like cal-mag, distilled water wouldn’t have had any, so it could also be you didn’t have enough of that.

I do most of my defoliation right before flower, but if she needs it, she needs it. The cal mag damaged leaves are good candidates, the color won’t come back, and it can be harder to tell if you’ve fixed it if you leave them.


Hey @Never_Legendary looks like your ph is the culprit, locking out nutrients.
If your using soil you should be within,

If your using Hydroponics here’s you guide.

Distilled water come in around 7 ph and CalMag can raise it a bit.

Check for plant issue here.


Just to clarify some information

Distilled water doesn’t have anything in it typically 0 ppm, because of this when you use it to water without adding anything else it will just take on the pH of whatever you are putting it into

Once you add calmag to the distilled water then it has enough resources in it that you can measure and adjust the pH

The leaves so show signs of deficiency, but you are right this could be caused by a pH issue or lack of nutrients.

The best and easiest way to find out the pH of your soil is to water until you have some run off water, collect it, and test it.

You can also do a soil slurry test but I’m not familiar with the process.

Defoliation really depends on plant size and progression, pictures of the whole plant would really help us guide you with this question.