I'm seriously getting paranoid 😕

I’m so needing advise on another thing I have to get, I guess, and no clue what to get. I’m sure I can find a video on how to set it up once I get it. I’m on a buget with this newly loved hobby. It’s getting hot and my garage gets hot with the tent and not sure if that’s even something I can do in a large space with a small tent. “Biting nails”

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are you using any exhaust/intake fans?

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If you have a window get an A C unit. I got one and it keeps my grow room at 78 degrees
And only paid $100 bucks. Not to bad for peace of mind


@garrigan62 I don’t have a window or air conditioner. I may have to bring my tent inside my Landry room. I have air conditioner in there

@BIGE i do not. I’m going to buy something just not sure how it all fits together but I’m sure I can get a video to show me how. I need to know what to get for a 4x4x5 tent?

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i do not still have my tent set-up @Jamie1234
or i would shoot you some pics!

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It may be enough just to set up a flexible duct to bring outside air into your tent and another to dump it outside. Home improvement stores sell that stuff. If you have to hide the smell, they sell carbon duct filters for that. (Hydroponics shops or Amazon.) If the outside air temp gets too hot during the day, you can use your timer to turn on the lights and fan at night and off during the day. If it is still too hot at night, consider only growing during the fall, winter and spring. It is a LOT easier and cheaper to make it warmer than to make it colder.

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@1BigFella great minds think alike, I’m not so worried about it as much as I do with the circulation, but I have fans and the temp has got close to 90 before I got something figured out for it to come down and I just run my lights at night it’s not caused any harm thus yet ty

I have an inside crop that has always run lights at night. My wife wanted the heat, so I blew it out into the rest of the house. Did not have to turn on the forced air furnace once last winter! It’s just days from harvest and is my best grow yet.