I'm pretty sure this is budrot?

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Looks like it’s well done to me. Not bud rot


If you gently pry open the buds and it’s grey/fuzzy/brown and mushy it’s bud rot. Looking at those areas with a loop will show spider web like mold.

At first glance it just looks over flowered. Ie. She’s gone past her prime.

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Looks like couch lock to me

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It smells bad and weird. Been like this for 2months always thought she get better. When i touch or squeeze buds they feel really moist compared to her 2 sisters…what do i do? How do i know when there ready?

She looks ready. The best way to tell is to check the trichomes with a magnifier. When the pistils turn dark and shrivel up it’s almost time to harvest.


Smells “bad”? How?

Harvest time brah :+1:

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Smells like wet… like moldy. Doesn’t smell like bud like the other 2. Should i let soil dry cut and hang?Throw away or put back to veg??

I’d cut that one before sunrise, examine the buds real closely, and if there’s no sign of mold, h2o2 wash it, trim and and hang to dry.
It sort of looks like rot in some of the blurry sections of the pic, but the clear pics just look over done. The curled up leaves are green nearest the bud. With rot they’re usually brown/grey close to the bud.

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I think @Drinkslinger has giving you a good direction . Thats exactly what I would do is look for soft spots on the buds , if any, cut it open to examine it for mold . I would separate that plant from the rest of the others first , just it case . Mold spores can spread to other plants .

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Seeddog gives good advice. Mold like fungus is infectious. Might be best to end it, and, keep the rest clean.

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Looks like mine. Couch lock. Do check though. Bud rot can hide. @islandP

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Bud rot doesn’t usually effect the fan leaves like that - it hits the buds themselves because it uses the tight spaces between the bracts and calyxs, where it’s more humid, to germinate. I had some recently on one of my outdoor plants and I’m putting a couple pics below. Now, you may have an over-ripe bud that then got bud rot as well. Do as everyone has said and pry apart and look down inside to see if it’s in there as well. If you do have bud rot…

  1. Immediately separate the infected plant with the least possible shaking of the plant.

  2. Cut off the infected buds or, if you can bear it, cut the whole plant and destroy it with fire. Get rid of the dirt far away, if possible.

  3. Clean all your tools that contacted that plant with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

  4. Take a shower and change clothes before touching another plant.

  5. Watch all your plants for 7-10 days ver closely and look for ANY sign of further inspection. Botrytis spores float on air and will come loose with the slightest puff of air. So, cross contamination is a huge concern.

Sux but I hope this helps! Here’s the pix of mine and I caught it very early…


Get it far away from rest for sure. So the leaves have been deteriorating for months? That’s normal during flowering. Should be cutting dead leaves off as u go. Bud rot or mold is easily formed by dead shit around big mugs so gotta be careful


Nugs not mugs. My bad

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Yea their were 3 plants. And since i started 12/12 1 always grew strange dryer smaller wetter and weird lookin from the other 2. I threw her away today. No chances