I'm lost..any suggestions on flowering


Nice looking start. Keep them fed and happy and let them mature. You have a long way to go. When did it / they start to flower. What is it?


You may have an issue, I see what looks like an awful lot of brown pistils for such immature buds.

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Hang on in there bro

What would be the issue?

Random Seed from a jobsite…

Could be nutes pH soil issues salt build up a number of other thing when did she start to flower what light and height is it at

Well for one it be pollinated if growing outdoors or seeing as how its a seed you found very possible it came from a hermi plant and those traits carry over to offspring

Indicanna surely they would show by now if it’s hermaph

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I would agree but I dont know how closely you look at your plants or if you know what your looking for? Are these being grow outside or inside?

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I know what to keep an eye for could do with closer pics

If your growing outdoors they could have VERY easily been pollinated by someone else’s grow. Pollen can travel several miles quit easily

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Or it might be nothing to worry about.

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Is this a Seed Sak?

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Sorry it looks like it only way to find out is pop it open

Definitely was a seed sack.
So…can I dry what buds are on there and use it for topicals?

If you want to waste your plant then go ahead please provide pic of what u found in the sack

Oh my. NO I don’t want to waste my plant. I babied all 3 I have from seed. Lol
Hold on…I’ll find another seed sack. They are all over my buds on this one plant
My other 2 are showing no signs of herm like this one.

Bag and tag the shemale u don’t wanna risk losing your others can u open that sack