I'm lost..any suggestions on flowering

Yup it’s a Hermie bag and tag before it polinates your other femalea

I’ll tag a couple of pros but I’m sure I’m right

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I pop that open and look lol…if thats just a swollen pre flower its a monster.

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Not to repeat the already been stated, but here is general rule of thumb:

Early signs female has been pollinated is that her bracts become larger.
Test to see, take a pair of tweezers, grab one bract, and open it up. If there is a seed inside, you have a pollinated plant.
Another indication of pollination- colour of pistil hairs. When a female has been pollinated, the previously white hairs will soon shrivel and become darker.

I have a girl outdoors hers were huge …long before flowering …always turning brown and dying off pistils

I swore it was pollinated …
But nope just a windy grow area and a plant with a lot of energy

Just a little pinch with a tweezer and you know for sure.
That photo the bract doesn’t appear to be swollen, I know it was an example. Look at OPs photo, looks like ready to burst.
As it ripens they also get swollen, but early in flower, not so much. Not saying it cant happen, and I’m sure it does, hence general rule of thumb.

Ohh man I wasn’t disagreeing with you in anyway …or anyone …that looks like a big Ol seed in the one pic above …I was just reassuring it’s best to do what you all said and check somehow
I should have said that too

I just noticed these

So I also have a question …is it possible for a seed to be inside a swollen bract like that but the plant not be hermie or pollinated ?
I’ve read around here somewhere it’s not unusual for a female to produce a few seeds …
I was wondering if that could be the case here …
Or it’s definitely gonna just concentrate on seed production?
Seriuosly asking cause I have no idea

I just yanked that little brown cut wound too

Let’s hope we can get this sorted guys

Oh that’s a seed for sure

Yup I said to tag and bag

I also missed where he said they are all over the buds

My bad

Yes, I’ve had it happen. No hermie, no males and produce an immature green seed, probably I stressed it or let it run to long hoping for amber trichs. All the plant knows is eat, get a tan, grow, reproduce or survive at all costs. But if it gets pollinated, she’s gonna divert her energy to producing seeds rather than bulking buds and trichs hoping to catch some late pollen. Just give em a little squeeze no need to kill or pinch it off, if there’s a little seed in it, it will show.

Anyway its sorted! sorry to OP. just sharing some general thumb tidbits collected over many years.

Lol yes I’m sorry to the OP too …

And thank you for sharing your knowledge every little bit helps …

And you don’t have to kill the plant!
It just wont be as potent or seed free as it could have been. Perfect specimen for Bubble hash.

Ok im lost, ive grown 2 beautiful female plants so far and both had those bags which you call “seeds” at every branch intersection on the main stem. Ive never seen any seeds in the nugs and no signs of herm… so idk if those things always have seeds in them. You might be able to see them in this pic and I assure you this is a female non pollinated plant

I chopped it down and composted. It’s all good. I have these 2 left

I was pulling male parts off of the one I chopped…it was getting out of control…lol