ILGM Super Lemon Haze - harvest

First time grow and I want to make sure I dont screw it up now! Im color blind, so its hard for me to see if anything is amber/brown which is why I come to you, good people of ILGM.
Some info outta the way and on to the pictures!
Super lemon haze photo seed - from ILGM
Seed dropped June 1st (extended veg a bit, wanted 1 plant to fill 4x4 tent)
Lights flipped 73 days ago
Hydro grow - flushed and changed to only water 9 days ago

I want a nice energetic buzz I can smoke by day and still get stuff done while feeling uplifted/euphoric. So Im looking for slight ambers but mostly cloudy trichomes. My plan was to leave her in the dark starting tonight through saturday morning and then harvest. Im not sure how quickly trichromes change from clear-cloudy-amber. Does my plan sound solid or do I need to wait longer?


I’d wait a couple weeks, but look real nice.

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Great looking plants…I would wait just a bit longer as well.
Keep a close eye on them, the trichomes can ripen very quickly sometimes.

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Thanks for the response guys. I didn’t put them into the dark just yet. Figured they didn’t quite look ready yet. Think it’s ok to just go with no nutes from here out?


Yes, that’s what I’d do. There’s a lot of varying opinions on that though.