ILGM Purple Punch Auto 1st Grow!

Hey guys, so wrapped up my first grow ever with ILGM Purple Punch Autos, all that’s left is the trimmed bud curing. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to test in a few weeks. Wanted to shout out ILGM seeds 3 & 4 already sprouting in medium. :grin: I’ll be sure to check back after the cure to let u know the outcome.
Here is the whole journal


Hey guys just wanted to give you a total update at the end of the cure. I am amazed i grew this its great, cant wait to see what I can d this run. But the absolute hand down fire, the rosin I made with it. Oh my god its so good i think im gonna smash the 2 plants I have off this strain growing now. I have never had rosin this good. I pressed @195 for about 2 mins. Right above 20% yield, I’m sure I can get that up if I am smashing a large amount,I haven’t even messed around with dif settings. Only smashed like 8 grams.

Side note the flower is better than ever very tasty and strong, Super happy with entire experience.