ILGM OG Kush harvest

Here’s what I harvested from 6 ilgm OG Kush. This is my first grow and I learned a lot from this site a big thanks to @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @bob31 @Ray4x @Majiktoker @muffybunny and the rest of the crew here



I’m glad i could help? You only joined the site 21 hours ago? Welcome to ILGM @Terra-cotta Thanks for sharing your harvest pics.


@bob31 haha yeah it may seem like that but I have been a longtime lurker and learned a lot from you guys by reading post .


Excellent, well I’m glad you decided to join the forum!

If you get your weights wet and dry we have a post where you can share those and your pics! A lot of the members follow that topic.

I gotta find the link but i will post it here in a sec


@Terra-cotta Outstanding job you should be so proud of yourself I’m very happy for you


Welcome! And nice job! I feel like we missed all the action not seeing them start out! Lol. Next time @Terra-cotta

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@Covertgrower second round will be better . This was only a trial run to see how much I can do . I have 2 300w led and a 600 hps/mh so it’ll be fun


@Terra-cotta WooHoo on your first harvest
Once dry you can sample but curing proper you’ll enjoy it much more
Nice going brother it only gets better from this point hahhahaha :clap: :cowboy_hat_face: :v:CB
Hey don’t be a stranger lol
And welcome to the forum brother I was a lurker also for a while before I stepped over the line lol


Welcome @Terra-cotta! Looks like you did great. If that was your first grow whoa, can’t wait to follow your second grow!

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Looks like a great harvest! Nice work!!

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im glad I was some help nice harvest enjoy! :smile:

I know all about the first run… I am finishing up my first, with clones just waiting to move in! @Terra-cotta

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@Covertgrower you should help me with cloning I bought some rooting gel but haven’t really tried to

@Terra-cotta I’ll do the best I can, here are some pictures from my grow journal. When you “make the cut” it doesn’t have to a 45° cut off the plant. You can cut the branch straight and make another cut later. So you’ll cut it twice.
Remove or trim the lower leaves, they’ll die anyways. Depends though. Some stick around. Cut the stem at a 45° then cut down the middle. More surface area for roots to happen. Dip in rooting hormone, insert into growing medium. Highly recommend purchasing a humidome or making one. You want 100% humidity around the plants. The leaves will be taking moisture from the air since there are no roots. If you keep them in this environment for 10 days and water gently they’ll survive.

First grow, first post - #91 by Covertgrower

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Nice one :point_up:

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

Is it normal for it to smell like grass/hey ? I’m drying in tent with a 60 rh and 65-70f and if you grew ilgm og can you describe the taste

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I have not grown the ph and yes the hay smell is normal the smell will come back once in jars and cured
I’ve actually have noticed my bud loosing its smell when still in tent growing
Totally normal don’t panic @Terra-cotta
I’m sure some one will see you post who has grown it

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I haven’t but i have smelled that as well. it is the plants dumping the chlorophyll Once it is gone the MJ smell will return!

It is more pronounced with some strains and not others.

And I’m outta likes, so :grinning::v::+1::palm_tree:

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@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for giving me hope . I’m stressed cause I’m thinking I just grew some 70’s grade weed. I sure hope the chlorophyll is the reason haha