ILGM nutrients

HAS ANY ONE Tried the ILGM nutrients wonserong of its worth the money …right now I currently use jungle juice as my grow basw than I have b-52 big bud and bud candy… my first grow came out alright look good on the plant but had no weight to it…if there’s any tips or other nutrients lemme know…I i use advance nutrients already spent 100 on the nutrients hopeing to use it up

Wondering if*

I use only nutrient sold by robert. And the support is awsome.
I just started 18 we seeds from Robert all poped in 12 hours and in about 5 weeks I harvest the first 20 ww I’ll post pic’s later and you will see what the nutrients can do.


I started with Advanced Nutrients, and just found that they wanted to copy every other nutrient formula on the planet. They put out good products, but have so many different systems and additives, that growers get really confused.

I make my own nutrient solution for my Greenhouse Op. In gaining the knowledge and experience to do this; I have learned that you only need the correct minerals in a formula. For MMJ; I use ILGM Marijuana Booster due to it high quality ingredients, and simplicity of use. :-?

Hope this helps.