ILGM new strains?

I was wondering if anyone could talk about ILGM’s plans on releasing new strains?

Also, what would be the best way to give our suggestions on a new strain we would like to see from ILGM?

I’m particularly interested in Autoflowering strains at the moment. :slight_smile:

We have quite a few Auto flower strains. I suggest you try a couple and see what you like. Mosy strains from ILGM are proven older genetics; Of which all other hybrids were made…somewhat.

All genetics here are from established Amsterdam seedbanks. New strains come along as the breeders come up with stable strains. We hope you can find genetics here that fit your needs. I have :smiley:

I didn’t notice Skunk #1. I would love to know if it’s available here at ILGM.


Hi @latewood
I currently have 2 autos in my box for my first ever grow.
A auto Blueberry and White Widow.

I hope I get a good harvest from them to try. :slight_smile:

Auto Sour Diesel, and OG Kush along with any fruit strains would be nice to see ILGM add in the future. :slight_smile:

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All strains sold through the ILGM Seedbank , were produced in Amsterdam with Robert’s friends and trusted breeders.

We already sell OG Kush. I have some. I think that what is collected at ILGM is more a matter of what excellent genetics become available in Amsterdam; Can be proven in the Labs, and then adopted to the Catalog.

I am a big fan of Skunk#1 but, Robert loves his Super Skunk :smiley:

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Yeah, if I can get enough eventually with autos, I’ll give regular photos a try to veg for a big plant.

My Auto WW is just over 3 weeks old now, and is still growing, so I say it’s a success so far. :wink:
Now how healthy it is… that might be another storey.

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You should let Robert know that while Super Skunk is super, there is a reason for the #1 after Skunk #1!

Lol…I know. First genetically stable strain of Skunk. Still #1!:wink:

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I am totally aware. Skunk#1 is my favorite strain. Does not change my previous reply :slight_smile: Peace

:sob::cry: Nnoooo!

LMAO. My bad. Just being a spoiled brat today. Better go smoke before my great-grandson fully wears off on me and I go to babbling nonsense! :wink:

Personally this was a very nervous move for me and now that I have had success in purchasing seeds online I will never buy seeds from another bank but it sure would make my day to see Acapulco gold or Panama red come available on ILGM one day . So @latewood are strains something that Robert takes into consideration for the suggestion section ? Or this even the rite place to make a suggestion ? Thank you


Hey @Oldstoner we would love to add those legendary landrace strains to our assortment but their not out there anymore. But we’re always keeping a look out for new kinds :smiley:


I have another answer for you. Don’t even remember answering this Q in the 1st place.

Acapulco Gold and Panama Red are clone only strains. There is no way to make pure seeds. Has been this way for many years. If someone tries to sell you seeds, claiming they are pure AG or PR; They are lying because their are no seeds left as far as the public is concerned. Perhaps some old grower in Cali., has some stashed but you will never find them. :slight_smile:


Robert finds the best genetic she can find in Amsterdam from known accepted breeders, then grows them to experience the quality, makes seeds and places them in the seedbank. All genetics here originate in Amsterdam, for the most part. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your interest.


Thanks for the explanation latewood

Hey guy’s,Latewood I was wondering, does this mean that the AG I got from Barney’s Farm a few years back is bogus? Mike

I haven’t seen any panama red, but I was lucky enough to get some Acapulco gold cuttings from a local medical dispensary.

And yeah, they are pretty hard to come by, and from what I understand, most seeds sold under the name are not true Acapulco gold, but new hybrids that are bred to try and get as close as they can to being similar to the original strain. More like a Acapulco Gold close cousin or something.



One strain I would love to see Robert get is Alaska Thunderf**k. Is an awesome smoke. Got some in Oregon when I went to visit. Can’t find it now.

Not complaining at all Latewood, so please don’t take this wrong. ILGM has only 7 strains of autos. Out of the 7 strains , 2 are not even worth growing for the quality and yield in any grow type, hydro, soil, and air induction! It is extremely difficult on us LOYAL ILGM customers to keep from peeking into other seed banks. That being said, New strains are always welcome to the menu. Unless the Master Chef can only cook up some most excellent dishes and that is it. Yes we do have OG Kush, I have 8 right now. Not a 1 in auto!

Are any of ILGM strains completely grown outside? I’m not talking about the customer growers. Thanks.

This I know what you are saying is true! My wife and I just spent 3 weeks alone in Panama. Far from the tourists and way off the beaten path. Pure Pan Red can not and will never be seen again. Local grower has some great 2 hit 3 hour highs or couch lock. Damn sure don’t want to scuba after a blunt. What you posted was and IS TRUE.