ILGM Gold leaf AUTO: is 80 days typical to harvest

Hello again
Newbie here they got 4 gold leaf autos to sprout 80 days ago, outdoor in organic 5 gallon fabric pots.

At 80 days from sprout the four plants are all at different maturation

The two smaller ones seem to have peaked with smaller buds on the main cola

The other two are more open
One I had to cut off the main cola due to rot and the side buds have grown a lot this week

The other just seems a week or two behind

I know time frames are guidelines only but is 80 days too long

I can’t take pics with my loupe but as of three days ago trics were still cloudy and could not see amber …

I’ll try and post pics of thr plants tonight but any thoughts appreciated


Not unusual for plants to mature differently. Especially autos.
Pics would help us.
Based on your days of growth I would say you may be close but probably a couple weeks away from full maturity, it would be unusual for them to be ready now.


Not at all. Some autos can go 120 days. I cut a zkittles at 90 days and it could have gone a week or more.


Thank you both for the replies
Much obliged …I’ll try and throw up some pics later

Here’s a few pics. As can be seen wide variation on shape and bud development, hence my post …

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