Ilgm Godfather OG and WW auto plus more

Transported the lemon tree clones into original flower tent next to mother lemon tree along with the Acapulco, Liberty, do si, and gold leaf.

All clones are in flower tent I threw the last two into flower in place of the lemon trees that I moved

Bruce banner auto and grape ape is all that’s left in the veg tent

Lemon tree is on day 56 last day of week 8.,I’ll be checking trichs tomorrow for the first time

Once I chop it grape ape will take its spot


Day 50 Bruce banner auto. It’s way way larger than my last one. Day 48 for the grape ape

Clones flower tent. Gold leafs on left and front center, Acapulcos on right, do si dos .33 center and center back

Original flower tent. Chopping the lemon tree tonight!


Awesome, and congrats!

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Lemon tree has been chopped. 60 days on the nose. This reminds me a lot of the super lemon haze autos. If I were to describe the smell it would be the exact same diesel lemon smell but these are greasier.

Grape ape took its spot in the flower tent. Tomorrow will be day 1 for it. It’s way down there somewhere

Acapulco gold week 7 day 5. She went from smelling like dragon fruit to tropical fruit. She’s been swelling but today it was obvious swelling when I opened the tent. She’s taking on a sativa shape.

Liberty haze week 6 day 7. She smells like what I would describe as chronic. Piney lemony stank dank. Smells like choker.

Do si dos 33 week 6 day 5. Very sticky to the touch. Smells is the least pungent

Gold leaf week 5 day 6. She smells like sweet vanilla lemon

Lemon tree clones in week 5 and 3 flower


Bruce banner auto is officially flowering. Day 52

Last year’s Bruce banner auto I grew was the smallest plant I had it produced 1.5oz. This year the Bruce banner auto is the largest plant I’ve grown.

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Lemon tree has been trimmed and jarred. Temperatures have risen to the 80s outside and things are drying faster in the garage. Trimmed last night and bagged then jarred just now.

5.75oz yield on the nose of the good stuff. Making rosin right now out of the trim.

Preliminary smoke testis is meh. Have to wait for it to cure a bit to get a better assessment. It’s very puffy yet dense and the smell is a very nice citrus peel but the actual flavor isn’t as strong as the slh. It burns faster too. I’ve smoked a couple of joints of the trim and it’s hard to feel the high if you smoked anything else before it. This morning it was the first thing I lit and I was high but not stoned which tells me it’s sativa dominant. Will find out the real in about a month.


End of week 8 day 56 for the Bruce banner auto. Going to be a good yield! I’ve been alternating the feeding in 3 setups. Only using floranova bloom. One feeding I use 2 tsp per gallon of water next time just water. Next feeding I use 1 tsp per gallon of water then next time just water again. Going to keep it up till something tells me different. So far it’s working like a charm.


Scratch that. It doesn’t press well at all. Pressed 5 grams of kief and I’ll be lucky if I can scrape a 1/4 gram off the parchment.

Bruce banner auto before defoliation, defoliation material, after defoliation. This is my second major defoliation.

I wanted to go back in after seeing the pic and it not looking too different but I just need to relax and let it do its thing.


Week 8 day 4 Acapulco gold. Very fruity aroma. Buds are not very hard like a typical sativa. Per breeder I have between 7-17 days till harvest

Week 7 day 6 Liberty haze. Very piney scent. Just like the AG the buds aren’t hard.

Week 7 day 3 do si dos 33. Doesn’t smell like anything particularly because it’s being overpowered by everything else. The buds are hardball and extremely sticky. Colors are starting to come out

Week 6 day 4 gold leaf. Smells sweet similar to the gods gift but better possibly. No gas or fuel or lemon smell present just straight vanilla ice cream sweet smelling. Totally different product than what I grew a few years back which was in miracle grow btw :rofl:… I can see why it’s the ilgm staple strain. Buds are massive and larger than the other plants per capita.

Week 6 day 2 lemon tree clone 1 with clone 2 two weeks behind it.

Day 6 grape ape.

Clone flower tent. The canopy is leveling off


Cool bud structure on the DSD33! But the Lemon Trees’ shape will be easy trimming wjich is nice too

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Acapulco gold week 9 day 1

Liberty haze week 8 day 3

Do si dos 33 week 8 day 1

Gold leaf week 7 day 2

Lemon tree week 6 day 6

Grape ape week 2 day 3


Acapulco gold is on week 9 day 4 or day 60. It’s just entered the harvest window per breeder (60-70 days). Going to check trichomes tomorrow evening. The smell has changed from very fruity to somewhat herbal signifying ripeness imo.

Once it’s chopped, Liberty haze and do si dos should be not far behind and the gold leaf and one of the lemon tree shortly after those. Grape ape is starting to bloom bottom right.!

Bruce banner auto day 63
clones. Gold leaf left side and center yellow one with do si dos on both sides and Acapulco to the right side.


Acapulco gold was chopped the day before yesterday on day 62. :axe::axe::axe::axe:


I like how you got it to ripeness with neither burning nor starving-yellow all the leaves.

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Took an Acapulco and do si dos clone and put them in the main flower tent IMG_4697|666x500
That left a roomier clone tent

Bruce banner auto day 67. Still stretching a tad bit.


It wasn’t purposefully its the genetics. The lemon tree I harvested was in the same soil and had the same feedings and it faded out.

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Liberty haze week 9 day 7

Do si dos 33 week 9 day 5
Gold leaf week 8 day 5
Lemon trees week 8 day 2 and week 6
Grape ape week 3 day 6


Clone tent with gold leafs, Acapulco golds and a do si dos 33


Great analogy. Mine was Hubba Bubba and Spearmint gums.