ILGM Fantasy Football leagueis looking for a few new managers to take over teams from managers who have disappeared. :D

Reply here if you want an invite to our league in it’s 3rd year.

When you reply; I will PM you to get you email for the invite. Thanks, lw


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Im IN!!!

I’ll take 1.

I’m down if there is room. Idk about a manager but I will take a regular spot for sure. I need to make sure I have time for my plants lol jk.


Hey, We do have a spot or room as you put it :wink: I just wanted to qualify you. Manager just means that you own and manage a team in the league. We do expect you to pay attention and field a competitive lineup for the entire season. I f you understand that and want a team, I will be happy to fulfill your request. Thanks for playing.

I will send you a PM asking for your email so I can send you an invite.

BTW: To all managers; Draft is this weekend and we have some leeway to move it if necessary and for the good of the league. Sunday night is out as I will be at or watching the race at Darlington.

Thanks everyone :smiley: lw

We have 6 confirmed managers out of 8. We need 2 more to fill the 8 team league we have. It is a simple keeper league (3 per season), and we have an interesting roster. 1QB, 1 WR, 1 RB, 1 TE, 3 Flex, a Kicker, and DEF.ST

Draft is this coming weekend (Saturday night as of now), Draft takes less than a 1/2 hour. 60 seconds per pick.

Let me know asap if you would like to compete for the ILGM Fantasy Football bragging rights. Just to clarify; New managers will get a team form a blind draw, and you will already have a roster from which to choose 3 players you want to return to your team for this year. We will post them on the message board on Yahoo. Please make sure that you identify yourself to me so I know who is who, and the league does have a private email function for personal details.

Only 2 spots left! Better grab’em LOL lw

I will take one sir.

Still waiting on your email address

For your own protection and security; Never post email in public forum, only to staff in PM’s

Also; And this was not the case here. Some people attempt to sell or scam and add email to posts. This is a violation of forum policy, which you did not do but, I wanted you to be aware.

We keep you all safe by not allowing public posting of cantact info.

Thanks, lw

It seems we may still need a manager. Reply asap…Draft is this Saturday night :slight_smile:

All managers should look at this topic for further info. Thanks.

We still seem to need one new manager for the 8th teram

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I need to know which team is yours. No except Early Pearl has an identifiable team name. I need this yesterday. All 4 new managers are waiting for invites, and I do not want to give your team away…

Purple Haze is my team

Thanks all.

We had a new manager quit already. Need 2 more managers. This just means you take over and run a fantasy team and manage it all season. 16 weeks.

If we do not find 2 by draft time; I will let the league office run the team/s until we find new manager/s

Anyone not posting keepers by tonight will have the league office choose your best 3 and we will draft. After draft, we will fill manager slot/s

Everyone understand?

Got all 8? Nice week 1 fellas