ILGM Fabtasy Football League 2

We had some interest in starting a 2nd league because we had such a great return of last years managers.

We need 8 total players to manage 8 teams.

Thunderstruck, myself and 2-3 other s are willing to play if we do not get enough to fill the league. I would love to have 8 different managers so we could religate and promote the top and bottom teams from each league every year for sporting fun.

later, lw


I just watch a lot of football, don’t think I would be very good at Fantasy football, never played it. I’m not good with stats and such, just enjoy watching. I’ve been in a funk since Peyton Manning retired:cry: I better be quiet since I am surrounded by New Englanders:rofl:

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@latewood which site do you use for fantasy football?

We are using Yahoo. We customize all our leagues. Why does it matter?

yahoo, and ESPN are good software, NFL is close, and CBS and others are
not customizable for free.

I was asked to try and get a 2nd FF league going but, so far only 3 new members are interested.

We had 2-3 from inaugural league willing to help fill it.And; Thunderstrcuk wanted to start it.

That is a possible 6 members. Nothing confirmed.

We need 2-3 more members to join agree to compete in the league2.

Hurry up. NFL is starting in a month from today. :slight_smile:


2019 ILGM Fantasy Football League

I want a team any openings?

Sorry Friend,

We filled the league last night. If a manager falls by the wayside; I will let you have their team.

sincerely, lw

I’m good with that! Thanks.


The team is yours. I need you to claim the team immediately and go to team page and pick 3 keepers on the “My Team” page. Look for 'keepers".

Thanks. lw

p.s. I am using the email in your profile, so let me know if that works. Sending you a pm for you to reply to with “other” email if you prefer that.