ILGM Durban Poison for New England

Planning for next year’s outdoor grow and want to try Durban Poison or something similar. Other options, Sunset Sherbet from MSNL, Fast N’ Glorious from Mandala Seeds, and Double Durban from Twenty20.

Web site doesn’t say what ILGM crossed DP strain with to get it into it’s current form.

Anyone grow any of the above and impressions? Thanks

When does your growing season come to an end in New England ?

Need to be finished by mid October, earlier would be better.It’s not the cold but cold damp weather and rain that time of year. The longer you go the higher the risk for mold.

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Maybe an auto type.
I grew a Durban poison it took to mid November

Are you planning for next year?

Leaning toward Fast N’ Glorious from Mandala Seeds (Early Mandala #1 (S.African highland Sativa x NZ Purple Indica & N.Indian Sativa) x South African Highland). Finishes end of September in the north so that will work even if it goes a little longer. If I want to go with fem seeds Sunset Sherbet from MSNL will work.

Think I just ruled out ILGM’s DP…
|Effects|Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleepy | Uplifted|

Not looking for a sleepy strain, already have plenty of them.

Yes, for next year’s outdoor grow.

In that case, could you consider season-extension coverings, like a hoop house or row coverings?

What hardiness zone are you in?

6B - maybe a small hoop house for longer finishing strains… I grow in 30 gallon pots so plants get to be good size but no monsters.

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I haven’t grown the ilgm version of Durban poison, but it’s typically a very high percentage Sativa plant (realistically supposed to be 100%). Its does not finish flowering quickly. I’m in Vt, so my fall turns to crap earlier than yours does, but it’s not one I’d pick unless you can go to Nov.


You can make a pretty inexpensive raised bed with removable hoop coverings using PEX and poly-covering. Just make sure to buy the UV-stable greenhouse film instead of poly-tarp from Home Depot.

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The other two strains I’m looking at are from Humboldt Seed Co… Family Jewels and Slightly Stoopid
Fruits - not exacting DP but other options.

Relaxed and sleepy are not exactly Durban Poison and with a cheese flavor more indica influence than I’m looking for.

I agree that dp finishes slowly. I have a girl that’s 6ft or better and it looks sick. A lot of the water leaves have fell off and leaves that’s left are always droopy and looks like it needs watering, which isn’t the case. I have other girls right by it and they’re unaffected and look good so I think it’s something that’s affecting this plant only. Any ideas?

I’d need pics and a support ticket to have any clue.

I put my DP into flower last week. So far it’s very healthy and happy.

Dude ! Lol I can understand the need for a picture but why do you need a support ticket to answer a question on a blog? I must have ,issued something somewhere.

I must have MISSED something somewhere…

When trying to figure out a problem with a plant it’s easier know all the facts about your grow.

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What he said. :+1:

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