420 Day Celebrations

I’ve been clean for almost 5 weeks in anticipation of a pee test. It’s been really hard not to partake, particularly with tomorrow being a favorite day for us. I harvested a blue mystic and a durban poison about 3 weeks ago. They are now cured, smell pretty good, and I’m DYING to try them. Maybe next weekend.

I do hope y’all enjoy the 420 day. I’ll catch up with my smoking later next week. I’ll probably be in a THC stupor for a couple of days. If I don’t have a job offer come next week then it probably isn’t going to come and I’m going to fire up the bong anyway.


I’m growing a Durban Poison after this harvest.
I’ve heard great things about DP I love sativa and she is supposed to be one of the best. Any tips on growing her. I would love a bong full of DP. Enjoy it for both of us. Happy 420 its 420 all month long.

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The biggest suggestion I have is to be very strict about your light discipline and don’t overstress your girl. Durban poison is can be difficult to grow indoors and mine went hermie on me. I’ve read that they prefer to be outdoors. I ripened it anyway and will be making hash out of it.

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I like durban poison too. I’ve got 2 plants flowering and 2 in veg right now. I think the grow after that I will give durban poison another shot, but I will grow nothing but the durban poison for that grow so I can be very careful.

I grew the hermie durban poison side-by-side with the blue mystic the last grow and the blue mystic was just fine, so the DP should have been too. I’m surprised she hermied on me.

It’s inevitable that some seeds will be duds.

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