ILGM Bruce Banner Final Weeks

Hi all,

I tried to document my first grow but got into a bad biking accident back in Oct. and still recovering. I’m proud to say that our plant friends is my only pain med. That said, I did my best with that Northern Light from growers choice and plant results were meh…

I’ve learned genetics are key. ILGM seeds so far have proved to be phenomenal. This is my second grow.

One is indoors and another outdoors but I’ll probably post the outdoor question desperately.

This ones indoors I messed with the nutrient schedule a bit bc I was using Recharge alongside the nutrient schedule and most of what i’ve read suggests not needing as much.

Question is how many more weeks before it’s time to snip?

Mods I apologize in advance if i’m not posting in the correct area i’m on my phone and not very good with these forums.



You’ll want to wait until those white pistils on the flowers brown and recede, and even then you will still have a couple of weeks to harvest.

Couple of comments:

Your plants are overfed and are showing some signs of nitrogen toxicity. I would back down the nitrogen supplements for a couple of weeks.

You’ll have a better harvest if you get some proper cannabis lighting. The node spacing on your plant(s) suggests that they are hungry for more light.


Yup. Once pistils are receding inspect trichomes and harvest when they are all cloudy on the buds at the earliest.


Yup, what they said! Do you have a jewelers loupe, or scope? Need one to effectively be able to check your trics. Zoom in on the bud, not the sugar leaves, as the trics will mature quicker on those leaves. When they show all cloudy, with perhaps 10% amber, she’s ready for the dark.
Amount of amber will determine how much "lay back"comes. More amber, more couch lock. Lol!


thanks all for the comments.

I’ve completely backed away from nitrogen. It could be a bloom booster i was supplementing as well.

With a few weeks left to harvest shall I continue feeding nutrients or just ph’d water and recharge?

i’m also using a spider farmer sf 1000 light. I really got into this thinking all i need is a little light and some seeds but have come to enjoy this indoor plant and have started a small garden of vegetables since.

I really enjoy it but a lot of work goes into growing marijuana. The plant to me looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to harvest.

I’d like to try growing an auto outdoors next.

Great 1st grow with some kinks to work out. To be expected. Any advice on a ideal, no brainer soil medium for BB autoflower? Was thinking about Happy Frog or equal 1/3 parts happy frog, ocean forrest and coco loco. Not sure as this is my first grow…