ILGM Blueberry CBD

Hey all - 2 pipe bowls and felt nothing. I’m curious as I’m someone who had to lay off the THC heavy stuff. Paranoia and all that. Thought I’d feel something though but didn’t really feel anything, I’d like a bit of a mix that gives a little buzz - advice ….

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Its cbd bro, no buzz at all my freind.
I know people say its got benefits but I’ve never gotten any benefits from it.
It fits into the same category as elderberry jam to me :sweat_smile:

I’ll catch some slack for this but hemp is not medicine its a building material, and elderberry jam is gross and will not cure anything :rofl:


Mix in some real weed, like cut the thc smoke with the cbd smoke.
Lots of people do this andvi can’t argue that this may be beneficial as the effects are different based on all the compounds working together.
So say rolling a joint tjats half and half should alter the end result produceing a different buzz then smoking either by there self.

Basically the cbd could change how the weed effects you that made you paranoid…
And it could make it worse :man_shrugging:

Maybe some low thc strains, stuff below 15% maybe 10% :thinking:


@Lostplotter Not sure exactly but have to agree with @1HappyPappy maybe a different strain or something with a high CBD to THC ratio? Ive grown my own and do it for quality over quantity…Good cool buzz verses all paranoid and anxiety… Take a toke (one…) and wait until it hits you then stop or proceed…Some of my strains are calmer then others,you just have to experiment…The THC levels in weed now-a-days can be pretty overwhelming if your tolerance is low . Knowing yourself and what you can handle/and or like is half the battle…after all you wanna be able to enjoy your high…not dread it! Good luck!


Thanks for your responses !!! I think I’ll try a gradual mix


I just got done growing this and was hoping it would be low in thc, well I was wrong I got stoned as hell and it’s been years since I’ve got stoned!


So weird I didn’t feel a thing nor did the folk I passed on serveral ounces to either

So what does a cbd high do?

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Happy cake day!

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Good for inflammation and relaxing you. I mix my cannatonic with my other strains for the medical effect.

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Happy cake day Growmie :tada::tada::metal::100:

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By the way like your avatar.


@borialis ,Thanks Gro Bro :boom:. I’m a 80s baby what can I say :laughing::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl:

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Thanks @borialis

CBD isn’t psychoactive.

I can concur with this statement - I smoked two bowls worth of my harvest. I didn’t feel anything at all. Not even body relaxation

Question about harvest. When did you pull?
I also have grown BB CBD and only after harvest, i learned that CBD harvest is supposed to be earlier than THC strains. Its best to get it when its cloudy. Not amber. The CBD develops earlier in the process.

Also, CBD effects are cumulative. A week of use and you may notice less stress, easing into sleep faster, and less pain/ inflamation.

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