ILGM Afghan at 7 1/2 weeks. Advice?

This is ILGM Afghan Indica at 7 1/2 weeks flowering. Total age, 4 mths old. I am guessing 2 1/2 more weeks till harvest. My first grow. Does that look about right? The trichomes are still white and clear. White are about 90 % on the top buds, more clear as you get down. 60 white/40 clear. Red hairs are at about 30%. Will start flush next watering. Any advice? It would be much appreciated!


Advice - when their dry and cured smoke and enjoy :blush:


They look great!
Hard to tell from those pictures would need a good closeup but it sounds about right. Although my current grow I thought I had a few weeks left and that was a month ago lol.

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