If i were going to add a week of feeding which additive should i extend for a week?

First 2 weeks of flower i use beneficial bacteria, Weeks 2 to 4 i use big bud, And weeks 4 to 6 i use overdrive. Which of these 3 additives should i extend if i were to extend my feeding from 6 to 7 weeks?

Not familiar with your nutrients but on my fox farms it says if you extend the period of and state veg or flower continue the last feeding amounts

I use AN additives on top of base nutes. They change every 2 weeks. I am wondering if i should extend big bud or overdrive?

I was on the 5th application of Advanced Nutrients week 7 flower recipe before switching to flawless finish.
This is the week 7 recipe

@beardless I grow 8 week strains that like 9 weeks. I flush with flawless for last 2 weeks. What i want to do is feed for 7 weeks instead of 6 like i am doin now. I think what i should do is add a week of big bud and see if i can get bigger nugs.

I don’t see a problem with doing that.

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