Identify strain. Sprouts then buds

These plants are only a few weeks old!

If you started with unknown strains of seeds, then you may not be able to tell the strain for quite some time into the flowering period, if at all, ever. All cannabis is actually very similar and some strains are nearly impossible to tell the difference from one another.

Sure some have some very distinguishable traits, like an orange peel smell, a fruity berry smell, a lemon smell, or a skunky smell, or some mixture of the previous smells and some will have color variations like blue or redish or purpleish colors show through, but none of this really shows well until the flowers are showing. Then there is the fact that all cannabis will turn purple of grown in really cold environments during the last part of flowering. And then a lot of it won’t show/smell well unless there was a proper cure. Even the same strain might seem totally different depending on how it was grown or how it was cured.

So other than this, I’m not sure what you are asking or how we can help you.

I cannot believe you could fashion that long of an answer to this statement! :sunglasses:

If you take the title as part of the question it kinda makes sense, lol.

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No offense taken. I did have to work hard at trying to make much from it at all, lol.

I never realized there was such variety but it makes sense. If all you have is a 3 " pot then there is a way to grow buds! I wasn’t shooting for that but sprouting in potting soil then immediately go into budding is not what I expecting.

Do you mean you were surprised they started flowering very soon? Yes you can grow decent plants with a 3" pot., most people will grow singe cola “sea of green” style with such small containers. Do you know what strain you have? Normally all cannabis strains will start to flower when they get 12 hours uninterrupted darkness daily simulating an “Autumn” sunlight photo period. To delay flowering you must give them a good amount more light than about 13 hours, say 16 to 24 hours of light, if grown from seed with the autumn seasonal type light period they will flower very soon and very small. If it is a autoflower strain it will also flower in a small pot very soon, even under 24 hours of light. Autoflower strains flower in a very short period of time compared to other regular photo period strains and can have their overall size restricted severely by small containers.