Identify nutrient issue


Will someone please help me identify the issue? This comes from the bottom part of the plant in week 5 of flower. Trying out gold leaf fertilizer (all in one-no PH testing needed) for the first time and am actually quite happy so far but have never seen this.There is no yellowing which confuses me. Looks like the start of a K deficiency… maybe? Thanks for your help!

Strain= Duct Tape


If your in week 5 of flower it is normal for bottom leaves to start being consumed by the plant. Youll notice leaves turning yellow also, Nothing to be worried about. Id continue on your feeding schedule and watch the magic.


Appreciate it!

What’s your grow media and what’s the ingoing EC? Is Duct Tape a hybrid? What’s the split if it is?

That is not normal at all. The purple makes me think phosphorus but with it being only on the edges, it makes me think Manganese or potassium. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

I would measure the ph of your soil by doing a soil slurry test. From there you might just find out that it is lockout.

Also did it get cold in the tent?


Duct tape is an indica dominate hybrid created by Archive here in Portland.
The medium is ocean forest and have been using GH products for a long time. I am currently using a single step fertilizer for the first time called Gold Leaf. It’s pH optimized and does not require testing. I don’t understand the science behind it but so far it works pretty damn good. According to the FAQ on the website traditional EC values and PPM values do not apply. The tent temperature probably has dipped down to 65 degree’s now and then but nothing extreme. I have two duct tape plants and two memory loss plants in the same tent. Memory loss is a sativa hybrid and does not show the same markings on any of the leaves that I posted previously.

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I would’ve thought K, but if it’s been like that for a while you’d expect some yellow or brown too. Really is weird. I’ve never seen nutrient burn look that way, but some of the example pics online look like that.

Is it real cold where you are @Brian77 ? I’ve seen this on posts online and it was always cold where they were growing. Other than that…I’ve never seen it before myself.